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Whether it's your passion to perform or create beautiful things for the world to enjoy, a career in the arts offers you an amazing variety or opportunities.

You may end up directing or producing entertainment for millions, or working with small communities on projects that will change lives forever.



Workers in this area write, edit and evaluate literary material for publication excluding material for newspapers, magazines and other periodicals but including scripts and narrative for film, TV, radio and computer games and animations; and translate spoken and written statements into different languages.

5283 Jobs in the southwest
5717 Jobs by
£Variable Starting Salary
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Graphic designers use illustrative, sound, visual and multimedia techniques to convey a message for information, entertainment, advertising, promotion or publicity purposes, and create special visual effects and animations for computer games, film, interactive and other media.

4955 Jobs in the southwest
5419 Jobs by
£14000 Starting Salary
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Racheal Reeve - Edwards

team lead - visual arts

We share our learners' passion for realising striking, beautiful and thought-provoking art. At Cornwall College, lecturers and students are on this creative journey together.

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100% of our arts and media students say that lecturers know their subject well.
Our creative arts & design courses have a 90.5% success rate.

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Tobey Louise Brown

product graphic designer - lego

My tutors ar Cornwall College were very knowledgeable, supportive and positive. They allowed me to be more independent in my learning and I could tailor my projects to my design interests.

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Media Production Extended Diploma

Photography (Art & Design) Extended Diploma

Journalism Apprenticeship

Art & Design Foundation Diploma

Creative Media Production (Games Design For Industry) Extended Diploma

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