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Fundamentally, engineers are problem solvers. The first hand work of engineers can be experienced in all parts of our daily lives including making a telephone call, riding a mountain bike, flying in a plane, walking across a bridge and even wearing perfume or aftershave!

Engineers solve scientific and practical problems which affect all aspects of our lives underpinning economic activity and quality of life.

As an engineer you may be involved in design, production, research or running businesses. You may work for a small or large business or even a multi-national company anywhere in the world. Engineering gives you great opportunities for travel and working abroad.



Workers in this area operate boilers to produce hot water or steam and attend and operate compressors, turbines, electrical substations, switchboards and auxiliary plant and machinery to fuel nuclear reactors, drive blowers and pumps, electricity generators and other equipment.

701 Jobs in the southwest
559 Jobs by
£18000 Starting Salary
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Production and process engineers advise on and direct technical aspects of production programmes to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency. This group includes planning and quality control engineers who plan production schedules work sequences, and manufacturing and processing procedures to ensure accuracy, quality and reliability; and chemical engineers who undertake research on commercial scale chemical processes and processed products, design and provide specifications and direct the construction, operation, maintenance and repair of chemical plants and control systems.

4446 Jobs in the South West
4884 Jobs by
£22000 Starting Salary
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Luke Bazeley

Course Manager - Engineering

Engineering runs in the family for Luke, who spent time as a child watching his grandfather working on civil engineering drawings. Luke started out as an apprentice toolmaker with Daften Diecasting. After learning his trade, he went to Australia and worked for an engineering company, producing large components for the logging industry. On returning to the UK Luke joined the engineering team at Cornwall College and has become our resident CNC and programming expert. When he’s not at work, Luke runs his own business developing products such as mouthpieces, which aid brass musicians from around the world with metal allergies.

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99% of engineering students say that their lecturers know their subject well.

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Tom Jackman

Cheif Engineer on a superyacht

I am doing exactly what I dreamed of doing and am grateful for the tuition I received at Falmouth Marine School. The subjects I studied provided the perfect grounding for my career and I constantly apply the principles and skills I learnt.

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