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If you're interested in the human body, how it works and heals, and want to work to help people live better lives: a pathway to a health career could be for you. From nurses and paramedics to dentists and doctors, there's a massive range of careers in the sector for anyone who cares about people.



Midwives deliver, or assist in the delivery of babies, provide antenatal and postnatal care and advise parents on baby care. They work with other healthcare professionals, and advise on and teach midwifery practice.

4188 Jobs in the southwest
4770 Jobs by
£21400 Starting Salary
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Nurses provide general or specialised nursing care for the sick, injured and others in need of such care, assist medical doctors with their tasks and work with other healthcare professionals and within teams of healthcare workers. They advise on and teach nursing practice.

63044 Jobs in the southwest
69568 Jobs by
£21500 Starting Salary
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Physiotherapists plan and apply massage, promote and encourage movement and exercise, use hydrotherapy, electro-therapy and other technological equipment in the treatment of a wide range of injuries, diseases and disabilities in order to assist rehabilitation by developing and restoring body systems.

4851 Jobs in the southwest
5535 Jobs by
£21400 Starting Salary
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Social workers provide information, advice and support to those who are socially excluded or are experiencing crisis; they protect the welfare of vulnerable groups including children, young people, people with disabilities, elderly people and people who are mentally or physically ill, and they may specialise in specific areas of work.

10094 Jobs in the southwest
11120 Jobs by
£19500 Starting Salary
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Housing officers assess and address housing needs of particular localities and individuals and oversee the day-to-day management of rented properties belonging to local authorities or housing associations.

3525 Jobs in the southwest
3943 Jobs by
£21000 Starting Salary
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Medical technicians operate, calibrate and maintain cardiographic and encephalographic testing equipment, assist in the conduct of post mortems, fit artificial limbs and hearing aids, and undertake a wide range of related medical tasks.

2932 Jobs in the South West
3409 Jobs by
£21400 Starting Salary
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Anne-Marie Young

curriculum lead - social care & health

Anne-Marie has worked in education for 17 years. Before joining the college in 2007 she worked across various sectors in the care disciplines including; nanny, care worker, residential care specialist with children and managing a children's charity providing outdoor play for children. She has recently qualified as a dementia champion.

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100% of our BTEC Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care students are happy with their course and with the college.
Out of our health and social care students 94% say that lecturers know their subject well.

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Martin Cowling

assistant theatre practitioner

The FdSc Healthcare Practice has provided me with not only the academic background surrounding patient care but also the confidence to put it all into practice.

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Nursing, Health and Social Care AptEd Access to HE Diploma Level 3 (E)

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Health And Social Care (Mental Health) Access To HE Diploma

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