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Adobe Illustrator Intermediate

Cornwall College Business St Austell | Bicton LEVEL: Professional Qualification Business School

You will be able to use Adobe Illustrator to design, create, modify and layout artwork for display in print or on a screen (eg vector graphics for design and drawing; raster graphics for photo manipulation or illustration).

Benefits to your business:

This course will develop your skills in Adobe InDesign, boosting their knowledge, skills and confidence to present your business publications in an appealing and professional way.  The optional accreditation will accredit your employees with a nationally recognised IT qualification.

You will learn how to use Adobe InDesign to produce digital publications and be able to:

Obtain, insert and combine information for designs

  • Describe what designs are needed
  • Obtain, input and prepare designs to meet needs
  • Describe what copyright and other constraints apply to the use of designs
  • Use appropriate techniques to organise and combine information of different types or from different sources
  • Describe the context in which the designs will be used
  • Describe what file format to use for saving designs to suit different presentation methods
  • Store and retrieve files effectively, in line with local guidelines and conventions where available

Use design software tools to create, manipulate and edit designs

  • Identify what technical factors affecting designs need to be taken into account and how to do so
  • Select and use suitable techniques to create designs
  • Use guide lines and dimensioning tools appropriately to enhance precision
  • Select and use appropriate tools and techniques to manipulate and edit for designs
  • Check designs meet needs, using IT tools and making corrections as necessary
  • Identify and respond to quality problems with designs to make sure that they meet need

Diversify your digital skills through our suite of Microsoft Office Courses in Word and Excel all at introduction and intermediate levels, with Word and Excel at Expert/Advanced Level or our other Adobe courses.

Moving on, you can demonstrate that you have the skills needed to get the most out of the Adobe software by completing our other Courses in Photoshop, Illustrator at Introduction or Intermediate levels, or progress onto one of our Digital Apprenticeships.


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