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Scholars Programme

Cornwall College St Austell LEVEL: Pre Entry Level Foundation Learning

At Cornwall College, we pride ourselves on the consistently high level of success that our students are achieving, with an increasing number progressing to top universities to study their chosen degrees year-on-year.

We work closely with local schools to support motivated students to make the most of their GCSE study in preparation for A-level success. Our Scholars Programme offers aspirational Year 11 students a range of masterclass sessions, designed to enrich their curriculum beyond exam preparation.

The sessions cover a diverse and challenging range of content, designed to push students academically to achieve their best. The masterclasses will not only help augment success at GCSE level but lay the groundwork for continued aspirational study during A-levels.

The Scholars Programme consists of three after-school masterclasses, delivered at Cornwall College St Austell in the evening to align with school enrichment activities.

The sessions will take place once per half-term, beginning in the second half term of the autumn term. This means that the programme will be completed before Easter, allowing plenty of time for that all important exam revision.


Session dates for 2017:

  • Thursday 9th February
  • Thursday 30th March
  • Thursday 27th April


Session details:


• The ever changing notion of what makes `Art`, `Art`.
• The Changing Face of War Photography
• Visual Language (mise-en-scene, cinematography, sound and editing)


• What comes after the end of the world? (dystopian fiction)
• Magic in literature: dalliance or damnation?
• Talk to me! (How do children learn language?)


• Battle of the Beaks (Biology & Environmental)
• Physical Chemistry of Hot and Cold packs! Chemistry & Physics)
• What are imaginary numbers? (Maths)


• Researching Psychological issues
• Rationalising Regicide: an introduction to political history
• Waves and Tsunamis
• An Introduction to sociological issues and theories

Choosing your sessions?

Students should select their route by choosing one of the four areas that interests them and stick with it through to the end of the programme.

What’s next?
To find out about booking a space, please contact Chantelle Cook on 01726 226553 or chantelle.cook@st-austell.ac.uk


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Scholars Programme

Start Date

This course is offered throughout the year, please contact us for the latest start dates.


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