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BSc (Hons) Rural Business Management (Top up)

Level 6 • Full-time • Duchy College Stoke Climsland

This one year top-up programme is designed for those who have completed an FdSc or HND or equivalent across a range of subjects and would like to progress to a full honours degree. This programme will enable you to develop your existing knowledge to encompass the planning and management skills required to run a successful enterprise. It is based on an analytical approach to problem-solving and communication. The programme is highly flexible allowing you to study, in detail, a chosen topic through an honours project and a selection of modules which are available in response to student demand. In some of your modules there will be opportunities for you to work closely with industry, businesses and the Queen’s Anniversary Prize winning Rural Business School. This progression to honours year allows you to either specialise or be more generic in your studies. Either way the support from a group of highly experienced staff will help your development and advance your business skills.

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Agriculture Diploma

Level 3 • Full-time • Duchy College Stoke Climsland

Duchy College is the region’s largest land-based education and training provider, with both campuses located in the heart of the countryside, surrounded by rolling hills and working farm land. This Level 3 Agriculture course is perfect for you if you want to develop your technical knowledge and practical skills in order to gain a better understanding of the management of different agricultural enterprises, or as an alternative to A-levels to gain university entry. You can expect to be in college three to four days a week and to gain a wide variety of experience from practical work on the College farm and in association with our industry partners, which include Rothamstead Research, who provide unique research capabilities for the UK. We are also the only agricultural college in the country where students take an active role in first cut silage making. Our Duchy Stoke Climsland campus is home to Future Farm, a £10 million scheme including a state-of-the-art dairy unit, the campus occupies a 367-hectare estate with dairy, beef, sheep, arable and forage crops, plus a range of dry and wet habitats typical of the area. We also have an impressive portfolio of up-to-date farm machinery.

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Agriculture (Stockperson) Apprenticeship

Level 2 • Work-based • Duchy College Rosewarne, Duchy College Stoke Climsland

The industry provides unique opportunities for young people to work in a technically advanced and innovative environment, producing one of the country’s most important products – food which accounts for 14% of the British GDP. Businesses within the industry range from small family farms through to large integrated organisations working across the food supply chain. The key role for a Stockperson is to raise the animals with optimal welfare and consideration for their needs throughout the different stages of their life. This is practical work involving a combination of technology and manual labour. Being a stockperson requires compassion, self-motivation and the ability to work in a team and independently. A stockperson will be responsible for their own work, but will have close supervision. As animal welfare is a priority on farms, key to being a good stockperson is understanding your limits and knowing when to ask for help. Working with live animals presents a range of challenges to overcome and ensures no two days will be the same. This standard follows a ‘core and options’ approach. The core covers the generic requirements for looking after animals competently and the sector options provide more specific needs for different livestock. One option will be taken in addition to the core skills to complete this apprenticeship, which provides a solid foundation for a range of progression opportunities within the industry. At college you will cover 50% theory and 50% practical work, which will include learning more about tractor and machinery use, nutrition, health and welfare, health and safety, environment and conservation, and welding. You will be expected to undertake and pass a range of courses as part of this apprenticeship to include emergency first aid at work and the safe use of pesticides as well as choosing to do one of the following Boom sprayer, mounted, trailed or self-propelled equipment Granular applicator equipment Handheld applicator equipment Other short legislative courses are heavily subsidised such as Tele Handler, ATV and Mule.

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Land-based Engineering Apprenticeship

Level 2 • Work-based • Duchy College Stoke Climsland

We work with a wide range of local and regional employers providing apprenticeship training for land-based engineering. Whether that is farm machinery or grounds keeping on an estate or resort. To follow the apprenticeship route and earn while you learn, you will need to find a company with an element of land-based engineering to employ you. The majority of your time will be spent in the workplace with one day a week at college learning theory and the latest maintenance and repair techniques. To become fully qualified you must complete the Level 3 qualification. There are numerous machines available in this sector and your career could see you working on precision farming machinery, carrying out a variety of tasks: the construction and maintenance of mechatronics, remote sensors, robotic systems and farming automation; designing, installing and maintaining dairy equipment; maintaining and repairing grounds care machinery on golf courses or football grounds, off-road vehicles such as AVTs used by land owners and farmer on larger estates, forestry equipment such as chainsaws and timber production plants or food technology manufacturing plant operations and repairs. There has never been a better time to apply for a Land-based service Engineer apprenticeship. The land-based engineering sector is technologically advancing at a fascinating rate, encompassing systems such as precision farming aids like satellite guidance, telematics, electronic controls and driverless technology. Skilled engineers are in high demand and a land-based engineering apprenticeship is your way into this industry. For further information on apprenticeships and careers within land-based engineering, visit

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Horticulture & Landscape Supervisor Apprenticeship

Level 3 • Work-based • Duchy College Rosewarne

If you are passionate about plants and fascinated by flowers then a career in horticulture is the right choice for you and an apprenticeship is a great way to earn money while learning new skills at the same time. There are a wide range of careers available in this sector including employment in garden retailing, plant nurseries, edibles production, landscaping, parks and gardens, and turf care. Our apprenticeships are designed to help you focus your skills and decide which career path is best for you. Horticulture has a huge part to play in our day-to-day lives, from the fruit and vegetables that we eat to the turf we play sports on, all the way through to the flowers that we plant in our gardens and use to brighten up our homes. All of these areas offer a wide range of careers, no matter which branch of horticulture inspires you. For more information please visit:

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Horticulture & Landscape Operative Intermediate Apprenticeship

Level 2 • Work-based • Duchy College Rosewarne

This course is the perfect starting point for someone who wants to pursue a career in horticulture. With over 300,000 people employed in horticulture in the UK, the industry covers a wide range of general and more specialist careers. Amenity horticulture – The design, construction, management and maintenance of the plants and facilities within a range of gardens (private, historical, botanic, public parks and green spaces). Production horticulture – Growing ornamental plants, flower and tree production (including retail nursery outlets) and food production. Sports turf – its construction and ongoing maintenance. This course is very much orientated towards providing learners with the building blocks of plant-based practical skills and knowledge, giving you the perfect starting point to your career. This course is perfect for you if you are starting your career in horticulture or you have completed a one year full-time horticulture course already or A Levels at college. Alternatively you could already be in employment with a suitable employer and want to increase your knowledge and skills, as well as attaining a recognisable level of educational achievement. For more information please visit: College is day release and you will have regular one to one visits during work time from your assessor/work coach who will support you with your training and assess your capability throughout the course through assessments. Your employer will also undertake regular appraisals in order to ensure that you are maintaining good progress through the apprenticeship. Throughout the course you will be required to keep a learning journal, which is a diary of your work-based experiences and activities. There will also be the creation of a plant portfolio. To complete the course, there will be an assessment day (End Point Assessment) where you will be required to carry out a range of practical tasks, complete a multiple choice question paper and have a professional discussion with the assessor confirming your knowledge and understanding of the industry and your job role. The employer must be able to provide the range of on-the-job training required, and this will be assessed at the application stage.

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Veterinary Nursing Diploma

Level 3 • Work-based • Duchy College Rosewarne

Our veterinary nursing teaching areas are designed to simulate a veterinary practice. We have a radiography room, laboratory, kennel area and operating theatre. We have many pieces of equipment that you would expect to find in a veterinary practice such as microscopes, anesthetic machines, operating tables and a large variety of surgical instruments. We also have a range of mannequins, from life-size Labradors to no so life-size ponies and with working farms and equestrian centres you will also have access to animals seen in large animal practices. As a veterinary nurse you will provide support to sick and injured animals who are receiving treatment in a veterinary practice and provide expert nursing care. You will help to educate owners on maintaining the health of their pets and carry out a range of medical treatments under veterinary supervision. Knowing that you have helped nurse animals back to full health is one of the most rewarding careers.

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Animal Care and Welfare Assistant Apprenticeship

Level 2 • Work-based • Duchy College Rosewarne, Duchy College Stoke Climsland

During this Level 2 Animal Care Apprenticeship you will learn to develop and demonstrate competence in a range of areas, enabling you to progress onto the Level 3 course. If you are passionate about animals and would love a job where you work with them every day, then a career in animal management is for you. As an apprentice you will work with a range of animals and learn more about their health, welfare, handling and supervision, as well as earning money at the same time. Working with animals can be an extremely rewarding career, where no two days are the same and you can gain hands-on training with this Level 2 apprenticeship. To study this course you must have relevant employment within the animal care sector. If you need help to find an employer, please get in touch. You can expect to spend one day every two weeks on campus for 12 - 18 months and the remaining days in the workplace with your employer. While on campus you will benefit from our extensive animal management collections which, depending on where you study, includes lemurs, meerkats, goats, ferrets, exotic animals, farm animals and aquatics. This apprenticeship may start as and when required.

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Gamekeeping Diploma

Level 3 • Full-time • Duchy College Stoke Climsland

Creating and maintaining good, healthy habitats which are beneficial to all wildlife is at the heart of a gamekeeper’s job. Gamekeeping has changed significantly over the years and while you will still be responsible for the husbandry of both reared and wild game for shooting, your time will also be spent helping to shape the countryside and protecting its species. If you love working outdoors, care about the countryside and the environment, and would like to make significant contributions to the biodiversity and conservation of rare species, then why not join the 5,000 full-time gamekeepers currently employed in the UK. British gamekeepers currently manage approximately 7.3 million hectares of the land in the UK and work closely with farm managers and foresters to help conserve both game and wildlife, using economically viable estate management policies.

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Advanced Technical Diploma In Floristry

Level 3 • Full-time • Duchy College Rosewarne

This course provides you with a range of specialist technical practical skills and knowledge which will equip you to progress to employment or further learning and training within the floristry industry. This qualification is perfect for you if you are 16 years or older and want to work in the floristry industry. It provides you with all the skills required to either become employed or to start your own business.

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  Across The Cornwall College Group

MSc Land And Ecological Restoration

Level 7 • Full-time • Eden Project

Human activities are responsible for historical and ongoing damage to our planet and the services it performs for us. As the human population grows, so does the imperative not just to mitigate against further deterioration but to actively seek to restore and recover damaged and destroyed habitats to achieve environmental growth. MSc Land and Ecological Restoration aims to develop a holistic understanding of the process of restoring degraded sites and ecosystems. You will learn how to identify restoration priorities, engage stakeholders, plan, implement and monitor programmes of restoration, evaluate the success of activities, and plan aftercare. The course places a particular emphasis on ecological restoration as ‘the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed.’ You will develop a thorough understanding of the theoretical framework underpinning practical techniques together with the project management and employability competencies necessary to lead and contribute to restoration activities in the UK and abroad. The course is taught at Cornwall’s iconic Eden Project – a world-famous example of the successful restoration of post-industrial land, located within an area of active China clay extraction in the English county with the greatest proportion of ‘derelict’ land. You will have access to unique facilities at Eden – including Europe’s largest indoor rainforest, constructed soils, laboratories, teaching spaces, IT suite and learning centre and you will benefit from access to facilities at other Cornwall College campuses and at University of Plymouth. There is a large emphasis on fieldwork with visits to local restoration sites varying in scale from small nature reserves, through ongoing restoration by companies and government agencies, to large scale EU funded infrastructure projects that have transformed communities. During the course you will also have the unique opportunity to visit one of the Eden Project’s international development sites, such as Eden Qingdao – the Eden Project’s new site in China. You will contribute to site survey, assessment and restoration of reclaimed and environmentally-damaged land and learn the techniques used by Eden’s partners in the creation of new visitor attractions. With case studies and live employer briefs you will have ample opportunity to apply your learning and on graduation be well placed to progress to PhD research or enter an international labour market. Key principles and standards developed by professional bodies including the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) and Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) are embedded in the programme to prepare you for professional recognition.

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Land & Wildlife Management Diploma

Level 3 • Full-time • Bicton College

This sector is all about sustaining, protecting and conserving the natural environment. So if you love the countryside, are passionate about its protection and conservation, and the livelihoods that rely on its existence, then this is the career for you. If you would love a career working outdoors then this course is ideal for you. Throughout your studies you will learn the skills and knowledge needed to manage land and wildlife and have the opportunity to go on field trips and work with numerous organisations such as the National Trust, Forestry England, Dartmoor National Park, RSPB and the Pebblebed Conservation Trust. With access to our beautiful farms and estates this course focuses on practical skills development, ensuring you are work ready when you finish your studies. Bicton College is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty and the grounds include an 8 acre wet woodland, numerous freshwater habitats, grassland, woodland, farmland and is home to many species including Dormice, Otters, Beavers, Barn Owls, Roe Deer, Grass Snakes, Common Lizards and Greater Horseshoe Bats.

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Geography/Environmental Science CAVA Access to Higher Education Diploma

Level 3 • Full-time • Cornwall College Camborne

The Geography Access to Higher Education Diploma is a suitable entrance qualification for the many Earth Science based degrees in Cornwall and throughout the country. It is also a recognised qualification that can help you gain entry into the workplace. On the access course you will have the opportunity to get support with your academic studies; you will be able to receive support from a range of people and facilities. This includes support from the Learning Resource Centre as well as support for tutors to help facilitate your learning. Support will also be available during some of the College holidays. We also support you through the university application process with tutorials. These are designed to offer guidance and support throughout the learning process. Some applicants may be eligible for financial support on this course to assist with childcare, transport etc. The Learner Support Fund is under review and is determined by individual circumstances. If you are under 24 years of age, you may be eligible for fee remission. Information will be given within the workshops, however if your require more information contact the College your applying for and speak to one of the administration tutors for further details. Please Note: This course is only available to applicants who are 19+

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Science CAVA Access To HE Diploma

Level 3 • Full-time • Cornwall College Camborne, Cornwall College St Austell

Access courses are designed as a stepping stone to enable motivated, enthusiastic people to progress on to Higher Education. There is a very high level of academic and personal support throughout the course. This can help if you need to combine study with part time employment and family commitments. Please Note: This course is only available to applicants who are 19+

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