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Unaffiliated Dressage Spring League kindly Sponsored by Milmos

Unaffiliated Dressage 7th April 2018 Judge Amanda Egerton


Class 1 Intro A

 1st Libby Norman Riding Rupert

2nd Abi Weir-Jones Riding Blossom

3rd Sabrina Richardson Riding Bowbells Caprice

 Class 2 Prelim 2

 1st Karen Davies Riding Floud

2nd Debbie Summerfield Riding Gus

3rd Bernie Shonk Riding Kyteler

 Class 3 Novice 24

 1st Jenny Lo-Vel Riding Elektra

2nd Bernie Shonk Riding Kyteler

 Class 4 Elementary 49

 1st Becky Toft Riding Valiant


Class 1 Intro A Rider Name Horse Name
10:30 Polly Cochrane Rosie
10:37 Sabrina Richardson Bowbells Caprice
10:44 Esme Webber Gus
10:51 Sarah Winter Molly
10:58 Libby Norman Rupert
11:05 Abi Weir-Jones Blossom
Class 2 Prelim 2 Rider Name Horse Name
11:20 Debby Appleby The Duchess
11:27 Sabrina Richardson Bowbells Caprice
11:35 Karen Davies Floud
11:42 Cecilia Brayley Gracie
11:49 Sarah Calcraft Max
11:56 Bernie Shonk Kyteler
12:03 Jenny Lo-Vel Elektra
12:10 Debbie Summerfield Gus
Class 3 Novice 24    
12:25 Bernie Shonk Kyteler
12:32 Jenny Lo-Vel Elektra
Class 4 E49 Rider Name Horse Name
12:50 Becky Toft Valiant

All tests will be the latest versions.

At each event points will be scored with 1st place gaining 3 points, 2nd place 2 points and 3rd place 1 point. The points will be collated after all 3 events have been completed.

Overall winner – Lemieux dressage numnah (embroided logo) With a matching fly veil RRP total of £59.90

2nd prize – dressage numnah (embroided logo) plus a small tub trug with some goodies to the value of £25

3rd prize – tub trug with a few goodies to the value of £15


To enter please click on the blue link below and print out and complete the entry form with your details.

Entries will close the Monday before the event and times will be available here on Friday by midday before the event. Any late entries will incur a £2 additional fee.

All classes £10.00, cheques payable to “Cornwall College”

Unaffiliated Dressage Entry Form – Bicton College