Published: May 25, 2018

‘Adventurers and wanderers’ are invited to Wheal Martyn for a unique and immersive performance involving 200 people, which will unearth history, stories and perspective through dance, music, poetry and theatre.

Building on the success of last years ‘Soul Birds’, SpinDrift artistic director Suzie West, is cultivating an inspiring experience for 20 local groups, including Cornwall College St Austell, who will work together on this ambitious project.

Team Lead for Performing Arts Jess Leonard explained how “proud” and “thrilled” she was by the level of professionalism by the performing arts students that are taking part.

“Working on a production of this size is a huge accomplishment in its self and we’re extremely honoured to be a part of such an extraordinary show,” she said.

“We’ve even had one of our own acting alumni Morgen Johnson return to the College this year be the Assistant director alongside Suzie.”

Director, Suzie West hopes to build a “strong message” for all participants and the audience.

“The community of Clay Country is celebrated across eras of struggle, joy and union and mapped through Wheal Martyn’s working water wheels, rusting machinery and nature trails,” she said.

“The Clay Country is a unique world of colour and contours, solidarity and humanity, this project has been made possible by the present day community, the Cultivator project, Hall for Cornwall, as well as the generosity of Cornwall College and Schools.”

It will be a tapestry of performances from a multi-generation cast from six years old to 70, which includes local community choirs, dance groups and bands who have developed shared stories and journeys with dancers, writers and film makers to produce mesmerising scenes of poetry, song, images and dance.

Wheal Martyn will be transformed and brought to life for two nights on 14th and 15th of June at 6pm. There are promenade routes to suit the adventurers and the wanderers, with equal measures of live music, intimate poetry and stunning viewpoints across the site.

Education Officer, Gemma Martin said “Wheal Martyn is thrilled to be hosting SpinDrift Dance and Clay Walks the 200 participants who have been visiting Wheal Martyn for the past few months.”

“They have been working extremely hard, creating their own wonderful poems, prose, stories, music and dance, all inspired by the beautiful and unique backdrop and history of Wheal Martyn’s china clay works.

NB: Please bring suitable clothing and shoes for the two-hour experience and perhaps a portable chair for those that might need it.

Tickets (£5) are available on from the Wheal Martyn shop or call 01726 850362 or email info@wheal-martyn.com for more information.


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