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Access skilled staff with a stockperson apprenticeship

Published: January 4, 2019

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With Brexit looming, the impact of recruiting and retaining reliable staff has already caused concerns and issues within the farming community. You may be far too familiar with the difficulties in accessing skilled people to help with the care and welfare of your livestock; or to assist with harvesting crops.


“Investing in an apprentice can bring a wealth of benefits including having a reliable member of the team that you can train according to your farms requirements.” Stated Sarah Hernandez, Business Development Manager for the rural sector at CCB Training.


“An apprentice brings fresh new ideas plus you could also receive £1,000 incentive if you take on an apprentices aged 16-18.” Continued Sarah.


There are a lot of misconceptions around farming and apprenticeships but the new Stockperson Level 2 standard apprenticeship has been designed by employers for employers.


James Willcocks, Dairy Farmer at Tregleath Farm has invested in apprentices at his farm for many years, James commented “We aim to encourage young people from all backgrounds to start a career in farming.”

“Having taken on apprentices for several years, we have found that they are a useful addition to our farm. They offer a cost effective way to recruit dedicated staff, enabling us to mould their skills.” He continued.


“The new stockperson apprenticeship will develop core requirements for looking after animals competently and depending on the type of farm you have your apprentice will develop specialist skills in either pigs, sheep, dairy or beef production.” Roger Clarke, Rural Apprenticeship Manager at Bicton College and Duchy College.


“The apprenticeship will cover a range of topics including: Health, biosecurity and welfare, vehicle operation, nutrition, handling and moving, breeding and replacement.” Roger added.


“As well as developing the apprentices’ core skills and knowledge additional qualifications are included in the price, Emergency First Aid at Work and Safe Use of Pesticides as well as one of the following; Boom sprayer, mounted, trailed or self-propelled equipment, Granular applicator equipment or Handheld applicator equipment.” remarked Roger “Other short legislative courses are heavily subsidised such as Tele Handler, ATV and Mule.”


For a small business with fewer than 50 employees apprenticeships are fully-funded for apprentices aged 16-18 or 90% (increasing to 95%) funded for an apprentice aged 19 and over.

To find out more about stokeperson and other agriculture apprenticeships at Bicton College and Duchy College contact CCB Training’s Apprenticeship Recruitment Team on 0330 123 4785, apprenticeships@duchy.ac.uk or visit their website www.ccbtraining.co.uk or to view current apprenticeship vacancies visit www.duchy.ac.uk/apprenticeship-hub.


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