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Extremism centre stage of powerful event

Published: December 11, 2019

Cornwall College Camborne 16-18

As part of a national initiative to protect our communities from the threat of terrorism, students from across The Cornwall College Group attended a hard-hitting play based on real events called “Going to Extremes”.

In light of the recent horrific events in London, making people aware of radicalisation and extremism, which forms part of the College’s safeguarding programme, was particularly relevant.

Michelle Souter, Learner Experience Coordinator, Cornwall College said the College runs “a very proactive and informative safeguarding initiative”.

“We are always looking at new ways to kick-start conversations and help develop resilience to extreme viewpoints,” she continued.

“I attended one of these plays in Plymouth, it actually had me on the edge of my seat and I knew immediately that we had to bring this show to our own students to enhance our existing ‘Prevent’ strategy.

Performed by one of the UK’s leading Applied Theatre companies, AlterEgo Creative Solutions; they use a mixture of theatre and media to help illustrate the narrative and inspire change on social issues.

Bayley orchard, student Hair Dressing level 2 said he thought the play was “brilliant and very informative”.

“It demonstrated how people can easily be swayed by their feelings and how easy it is to suddenly find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation, but it also showed how you can overcome these pressures and move forward,” he added.

Creative Director Sean McGrath said the company works with schools, colleges, universities, police forces and other institutions around the UK to deliver productions like Going to Extremes.

“This play is specially designed to resonate with young people and to help raise awareness of how and why people may become radicalised without them even knowing,” he said.

“In the show we explore far-right political views as well as Islamist-inspired extremism, focusing on three young people’s experiences. The piece is very hard hitting and is based on real events.”

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