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Local business support Falmouth Marine School Freshers’ fair

Published: September 27, 2018

Falmouth Marine School

Falmouth Marine School hosted its annual Freshers’ Fair for new and returning students, attracting support from 34 local businesses.

Students from across all four subject areas and all levels, including university-level courses, descended on the college in Killigrew Street to meet the stall holders.

Marine Biology student Sommer Moore, 16, previously from Camborne School said she has lived in Cornwall all her life.

“I’ve visited Falmouth regularly, but I have discovered lots of things that I can get involved with outside of my studies that I didn’t know existed.”
The event is organised by the college’s student liaison officer, Dany O’Shea.

“Freshers’ fair is designed to familiarise students with the town and in particular local businesses that would be of interest to them, as well as those offering student discounts and health advice,” he explained.

“Today was a huge success, there was wonderful buzz on campus.”

Not only did the student get health and careers advice, they were treated to free laser tag, pizza from Dominos and popcorn from Phoenix Cinema.

Michele Olds from Next Steps South West said it was “great to see so many students enjoying their courses and engaging with the local community”.

Justin Olosunde, Head of Falmouth Marine School agreed, adding it was “a fantastic opportunity” for students to meet each other.

“It’s great for them to get to know their surroundings if they are new to the area, and learn of all the great opportunities that are on offer to them as students of the Cornwall College Group,” he continued.

“I am delighted that the local business community are so supportive.”


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