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Olympic boxing dream alive for Duchy College student

Published: October 4, 2018

Duchy College Duchy Stoke Climsland

A local student is celebrating after winning her first boxing match representing England.

Level 3 Sport student at Duchy College, Chantel Whiting, who was selected to represent the country after impressing the England coaches at a national competition earlier in the year, has boxed her way to a 3 – 2 win over Ireland.

Rising star, Chantel, who previously attended Tavistock College, is aiming to qualify for the 2024 Olympics.

“I would love to get to the Olympics then go professional after that,” Chantel said.

“I have been boxing for about four years, my brother started first which got me into it and I have enjoyed it ever since.

“I am so honoured to represent England, I’m really proud of myself.”

Chantel explained she has to train every day before and after college.

“It takes a lot of dedication, but it is worth the hard work and I like the adrenaline rush,” she continued.

“The sport course here at Duchy College is fantastic, great facilities and really supportive lecturers. I would definitely recommend it to other students who are looking to get into a career within the sport industry.

“After completing my level 3 sport course I may look into getting into coaching whilst concentrating on my boxing alongside that.”

Team Lead for Sport at Duchy College, Darren Evans, said “we are extremely excited to be delivering sports qualifications to such talented sports learners like Chantel.”

“The experiences that Chantel brings as a result of training and competing athlete is great.”



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