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School moves from classroom to workshop to discover challenging but rewarding career

Published: July 21, 2017

Duchy College Rosewarne

A school in Cornwall is showing its pupils how they can pursue a challenging, but financially rewarding career in engineering.
Hayle Community School attended an all-day engineering lesson in the Duchy College Rosewarne workshops, learning about power and torque and how to successfully manage engine speed under a full load.
They also learned industry-level techniques to save costs, by analysing how they could make adjustments to the engine to increase efficiency.
Bethany Hanney, 15, a student from Hayle Community School who attended the day said she enjoyed the sessions and “learnt a lot”.
“I have enjoyed looking at the tractors when they were being built and discussing the different parts of it,” she continued.
“I am considering going into a construction or engineering field when I am older.”
Shaun Taylor, Engineering Teacher at Hayle Community School, said the day had been “brilliant, absolutely brilliant”.
“It has been great to see the pupils engaging with the subject and seeing the practical applications of engineering and how maths and English are involved,” he continued.
“There are one or two of them here today who come from a farming background and days like this encourages the whole group to explore their options. I think it will encourage them to go into land-based engineering, the lecturers have certainly made a good case for it today.”
Danny Sellors, Lecturer in land-based engineering at Duchy College, said it was “great being able to showcase the facilities here at Duchy College and for Hayle School tenth years to have the world of engineering revealed to them”.

“Many people are unaware at the rewarding and challenging careers that can be forged in land-based engineering and how it benefits the world economy and the county as a whole,” he continued.
“We are bringing engineering and science out of the classroom into practical demonstrations for the students.”
The land-based engineering course at Duchy College provides students with all the skills and experience they need to have a successful career as an agricultural engineer or to branch out into other fields such as becoming a plant engineer or off shore engineer.
For more information on the range of courses available through Duchy College visit www.duchy.ac.uk or call 0845 22 32 567.

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