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Sport students provide free health MOTs for staff

Published: November 14, 2018

Duchy College Duchy Stoke Climsland

Students from Cornwall and Devon have provided free health assessments for staff to help promote healthy living and provide a health MOT.

Level 3 Sport students at Duchy College Stoke Climsland carried out a lifestyle questionnaire and five non-invasive tests to provide staff with a better understanding of their current health status.

Team Lead for Early Years at Duchy College, Laetitia Mayne, said she found it an “insightful process” in which the students were “well informed”.

“They were professional in their approach to me and informed me of the relevant information about my health,” she added.

The tests covered body weight and body mass index, respiratory peak flow, resting heart rate, blood pressure and a lifestyle questionnaire.

Finance Administration Clerk, Vanessa Wilson, said it was great to “help the students with their project work.”

“It will be really interesting to see if they find some correlation between people’s lifestyles and the physical readings that they took.”

Upon completion of the tests, students provided staff with both feedback on improving, enhancing or continuing with their current lifestyle structure.

Level 3 Sport student, Mia Keen, said it was great “to put into practice what we are learning in the classroom.”

Lecturer for Sport at Duchy College, Luke Chapman, said this was a “fantastic opportunity for our students to get some real life experience working with different demographics and putting into practice the theory they are learning in the classroom.”


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