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Table turned as students assess staff

Published: 5th June 2020

Students from Cornwall and Devon have provided free health assessments to staff at their college to help promote healthy living.


The Level 3 sport students at Duchy College Stoke Climsland provided the service, which consisted of a lifestyle questionnaire and five non-invasive tests to provide staff with a better understanding of their current health status.


Learning Centre Lead at Duchy College Stoke Climsland, Chris Lavers, said it was a really “great opportunity for staff to find out about their health”.


“It was also the chance to talk about how we can improve our lifestyles to become healthier; the students have provided a fantastic service,” he added.


The tests covered body weight and body mass index, respiratory peak flow, resting heart rate, blood pressure and hip to waist radio.


Upon completion of the tests, students then provided staff with both feedback and recommendations to improve, enhance or continue with their current lifestyle structure.


Level 3 sport student, Toby Wallace, from near Liskeard, said he was initially quite nervous about providing the service and undertaking tests on people he didn’t know, but said it turned out to be “a great experience”.


“We are all hoping to go into an industry where you will be dealing with the public every day in different situations so the experience such as this is invaluable,” he added.


Fellow Level 3 student, Louise Shepherd, from Holsworthy, agreed saying it was a “challenging exercise, but really worthwhile”.


“It is great to be able to offer advice to people about their health and lifestyles and I feel I have gained a lot of confidence today,” she continued.


“I am really enjoying the course, I am hoping to go onto university and I’m confident this course is providing me with the skills I need to get there.”


Team Lead for Sport at Duchy College, Neil Harris said this was a “fantastic opportunity for our students to get some real life experience working with different demographics and putting into practice the theory they are learning in the classroom.”


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